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martedì 23 agosto 2011

Romania, World Conference on Civilizations

of the
World Conference on Civilizations

THURSDAY, September 8th

 14:00 – Registration at the official desk at the Bucharest Novotel Hotel.
 19:30 – Official Cocktail of SCR’s Foundation for the foreign delegations, guests and national authorities. The official cocktail will be offered by the Foundation’s Founding President.
 20:30 – A private official dinner gala will be offered by the Founding President of the Foundation in honour of the foreign delegations chiefs of staff and lecturers.
FRIDAY, September 9th

 09:00 – Registration for the World Conference.
 10:00 – World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family”. Location: Historic Palace of Bucharest.
 10:15 – Welcome message of the Foundation’s Founding President.
 10:45 – Presentation of the World Conference by a Romanian high official and Romania’s welcome message to all the attendees.
 11:00 – Coffee break
 11:20 – 13:00 - World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family” 1st session)
 13:30 – Lunch
 15:00 – 16:30 - World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family” (2nd session)
 16:30 – 16:50 – Coffee break
 16:50 – 19:00 - World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family” (3rd session)
 20:15 – Departure from Novotel Hotel to the Cortina Club
 20:30 – Dinner gala in honour of the World Conference attendees. Place: Club Cortina, in the northern outskirts of Bucharest on the lake. Attendees will have the chance to make contact with the Romanian cuisine and cultural traditions.
 23:00 – 0:00 – Departure to the Novotel Hotel.

SATURDAY, September 10th

 09:30 – 11:00 - World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family” (4th session)
 11:00 – 11:30 – Coffee break
 11:30 – 13:00 - World Conference on “Civilizations and the Welfare of the Human Family” (Briefing and conclusions of the World Conference)
 13:30 – Lunch
 19:30 – Departure from Novotel Hotel
 20:00 – Official dinner gala at the BNR CLUB (official Club of the National Bank of Romania)

Subjects of the World Conference:

 Buddhist Civilization
 Hindu Civilization
 Pre-Columbian Civilizations
 Islamic Civilizations
 Judeo-Christian Civilization
 (Synthesis of the) African Civilizations

(invited to attend the World Conference)

 Venerable Prof. Ngawang SAMTEN – Vice Chancellor and Director of the Central University of Sarnath (University recognized by the Government of India)
 Rabbi Albert GUIGUI – Chief Rabbi of Brussels
 Prof. Antoine SFEIR - Franco-Lebanese journalist and professor specialist in Islam (Middle East affairs), editor of the French magazine Les Cahiers de l'Orient, president of the Centre d'études et de réflexions sur le Proche-Orient and professor of International relations at the Celsa School (Sorbonne University). He received the Légion d'Honneur and l'Ordre national du Mérite.
 Prof. Théophile Obenga (Theoretician of the African civilizations and theoretician of the negro-Egyptian languages. High Official of the Congolese Government and Official representative of the Congolese President on Superior Education)
 Prof. Dr. Emil Cornitescu (Professor at the Tomis University, specialist in Judaeo-Christian)
 Prof. Didier DOUCET – O.N.U. international expert (Prof. At the University of European Studies), Expert in African Affairs
 Prof. P. Ernesto Piacentini (OFM. Conv. Renowned as specialist in the evolution of the Judeo-Christian history)
 Prof. Serge REYNES (Research Director and expert in Pre-Columbian civilizations)
 Prof. Univ. PHD Yuri Hulkin BALAM RAMOS (Professor and researcher within the Quintana Roo University, Mexico, at the Department of Social Sciences; PHD in philosophy at the Hamburg University, specialist in Mayan civilization and Mexican pre-Columbian civilizations)