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mercoledì 8 giugno 2011

Traditional Grand Lodge of Portugal


Traditional Grand Lodge of Portugal has the pleasure to invite you for the Closing Ceremonies of the 7th Anniversary Celebration of the G:.L:.T:.P:. and Ritual Installation of the new G:.M:. elected, that will take place between the 23rd and the 25th of June

Ceremonies will include an Atrium session, a Colloquium and a High Degree session, in addition to the Summer Solstice Ritual

The events will take place at the Olissippo Marquês de Sá Hotel, where guests can also be accommodated.

The high degree session will take place at G\L\T\P\ Temple, located at Rua Pinheiro Chagas, in Lisbon.


June 23 - Arrival of guests to Lisbon
19.30 pm - Reception at Hotel
20.30 pm - Dinner Reception

June 24 - Colloquium
15.00 pm - Symposium on Social and Environmental
Responsibility - Role of Masonry in the new paradigm of citizenship "
19.00 pm - Free Time

June 25 - Session G \L \Midsummer
Installation of the G \M\-elect of the GLTP
Commemorating the end of the 7th anniversary
11.00 am - High Degrees - Temple of R. Pinheiro Chagas
13.00 pm - Lunch
15.00 pm - Session G \L \
20.00 pm - Agape

According to the established protocol between G:.L:.T:.P:. and the Olissippo Marquês de Sá Hotel,
accommodation costs 69€ single room and 79€ double room per night, with breakfast and taxes included

The Agape Gala and lunch included will cost 100 € pax.